Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You'd Better Watch Out.....You'd Better Not Cry!

I thought it would be so much fun to show the Santas and German Sheep I've collected along the way. It's taken me about 15 years to get this collection together, slowly, very slowly. But I love each and every one. The two little Santas below are the oldest that I have. I believe the red suit Santa was originally sitting on a sled. His buddy to the right is very old. Very fragile. I believe he is made out of felt and he is light as a feather! His suit has faded, but not his Christmas appeal!
This little flock of sheep are just so dear to me. None of them are perfect. Some have bumped ears, and some are dirty, some have no collars, but they all look so wonderful together. I only have one that has a bell. He's seen in another picture. Behind them is some of my ironstone collection that I will share with you at another time....These little Japan santas are just too cute. The little guy in front has one of the sheep beside him. An old postcard in the background.
Just a mish-mush of Santa collectibles. The little plastic Santa mug is very small and I just love the tiny Santa pick inside of it. Don't you just love the beard on that little Japanese santa to the left?
I guess I got this picture a bit fuzzy, but isn't that how sheep are anyhow? lol! The big sheep is the only sheep I have with a bell and he is perfect. He's the grandaddy of them all!

I got this sheep a long time ago. He is affixed to an old wooden bridge and it looks like someone may have repainted his nose just a little too much! If there's a rudolph for sheep, he's the one!
Don't ya just love their little faces. The little celuloid face for the Santa in the right foreground is jut amazing, isn't it?
We certainly can't do without elves? Don't you just want to smile?
These are the only 2 old snowmen I have. They seem harder to find. But I love the 2 I have.
These are those German putz sheep. made out of plaster (or something like it).

And these 2 guys are German lead reindeer. Love the antlers and boy are they heavy! More postcards in the background.
I bought these about 10 years ago from an artist who had an ad in Country Living magazine. The artist was moving to the Oregon area. At that time, at Christmas, they had severe flooding. I hadn't received my Santas in time to display for Christmas and was a little bummed. But never fear! She had them delivered Christmas Day to me! Can you believe how thoughtful she was? A very nice Christmas gift, indeed!
Well, now you are looking at my attempt at creating my own Santas. I had such a good time creating these. I made the faces out of clay and baked them. Painted up the faces just a bit. Made clothes out of felt and beards out of real lambs wool. Just a fun project!

And yes, I even tried my hand at creating the sheep. He's too cute, isn't he? Not a German sheep by any means, but he's loved just the same.

Hope you've enjoyed our little journey through Christmas. I'd love to hear your comments and any experiences you've had making Christmas items. I just love it when I have time to compete these projects. Life is so busy (as we all know). It's been fun reliving my collecting/creating with all of you! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love all your santa's !! I just downsized mine. I have too much stuff !! The sheep are awesome !! Did you get your box ? Hugs,

  2. Oh, what a joy to see your Santas! I have a collection of old Santas too. I'll have to see if I can find a pic or two to share with you. I have lots of old snowmen too!
    I LOVE Christmas!!

  3. I love your santas and your sheep is nice to get a good look at them up close. I really love the ones you made the best...just the cutest little faces!!

    Love Heather

  4. Wow, Kitty!! What an amazing collection! I love them all and the ones you made are so precious ~ I bet it is quite a display at Christmas when they are all grouped together! xxoo, Dawn

  5. What a wonderful collection, Kitty,
    The sheep and santas you made are so special. Wonderful talent you have! I enjoy your new blog and your special daughter, Heather.


  6. What an amazing collection. I LOVE IT ALL!!! Thanks for sharing,

  7. What a lovely collection! And how kind of you to show it to us! And the ones you made are just DARLING. Hugs to you!

  8. Love the snowmen the best...oh and the sheep are cute too!!
    Don't tell me it's nearly time to start thinking about Christmas again??
    Kathy :)

  9. Kitty,

    I love your Santas, but must admit my biggest weekness is SHEEP! There is something special about those old little guys. LOVE them!

  10. I love your Santas & sheep, Kitty! I collect Santas, too! And I just bought a sparkly little lamb last week! Off season for them, but he wanted me!:0)

    Wish I had some of the real old German sheep. Those are truly to be treasured.

    I love the ones you made, too!

    Angelic Accents

  11. Hi Kitty,
    Thank you for all the wonderful photos and I adore all of your Santas, Sheep (Rudolph one included) and snowmen. But I have to say my favourite of all are the ones you made, your sheep and santas are wonderful and so special! I can imagine them becoming very special family heirlooms. I bet Hether agrees with me too! Oh yes, just saw her comment there and she does!
    Natasha xo

  12. oops that would be HEATHER with an A not Hether, doh!

  13. What a wonderful collection you have. I love your little sheep. You also have a beautiful blog.

  14. I love them all. What a special collection...I think that the tall sheep is my favorite!

  15. Hi Kitty~! Thanks for stopping by. YES the food was delicious (and my ex-boss paid! wow!), interestingly there was no chicken on the menu. with those big freaky things looking down on me while I was eating (they really were huge!) chicken was the last thing on my mind!

  16. I just love your collections! You should make and sell those santas and sheep...I know I would buy them!

  17. Hi Kitty! I've nominated you and Heather both for a Nice Matters Award....just visit my blog, right click the art and save to your computer then add it to your template on your blog ~ then you nominate five more sweet nice blogs that you love! xxoo, Dawn

  18. Your Santas are gorgeous. What a wonderful collection of Christmas goodies!


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